Animated Battle "Food"

Gilles Moins

An appetizing animation stand! In the company of a select all-female group of gourmet creatives who are ready to show off their talents at animating live using the animation stand and diverse 2D techniques like paper cut-outs or cartoon, on the tasty and inspiring subject of food in all its different states. A fun battle set to music guaranteed in this unique live performance.

This Battle was previous called "It's a Replay", which didn't seem to inspire our creatives...

With help from the SACD-SCAM, Caméra Etc and Zorobabel

DJ: DJ Bon Goût

Duration: about 1h30'

Live performance, without dialogue, prepared by Zorobabel & Camera-etc with the creatives: 

  • Lora D'Addazio
  • Aline Quertain
  • Sylwia Szkiladz
  • Maëva Jacques
  • Violette Delvoye
  • Claudia Cortes Espejo
  • Jacinthe Folon
  • Sophie Legrelle