25 February - 06 March 2022 D-155


2022 Edition


© Pieter De Poortere/ De Hofleveranciers



Pieter De Poortere has given us the immense pleasure of designing the poster for Anima 2022, with the “steamship” Flagey underwater and Boerke (aka Dickie, Pieter’s famous comic book and animation series character) at its top, who doesn’t notice the proliferation of a new underwater world, populated by iconic characters.

Pieter De Poortere

Pieter De Poortere is best known for his wordless comic strip Dickie, which has been published in eight countries so far. With his production company De Hofleveranciers, he made an animation series around Dickie. He is exhibited at the Comic Art Museum in Brussels and has worked with the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent. 

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