12-21 February 2021


Trailers 2021

Anima 2021 by Gil Alkabetz

Gil Alkabetz, director and author of the Anima 2021 poster, presents a trailer illustrating the encounter between animation and human beings.
Two versions are available.


Animation: Gil Alkabetz
Music: Thomas Giry
Sound: Sonhouse - sound production agency


Even online, Anima will remain the Festival for all audiences and hopes to expand into many homes by making its programme available all over Belgium throughout the 10 days, with several feature films and short film programmes in diverse categories, and many additional bonuses!


As usual, there will also be many hours of amusement for children and families together in the programmes for kids.


The online Futuranima professional appointments are showing off animation made in Belgium and the immense talent to be found there. Anima Online will also host all the videos and clips, along with a number of live Zoom events. These meetings in English will not be limited or geoblocked and will be open to all interested industry professionals.

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