12-21 February 2021 D-76


Bar & Catering


A small bar on the ground floor, next to Studio 5, and a big bar on the second floor, in Foyer 1, offer reasonably priced:

  • drinks (soft drinks, fruit juices, tea, coffee, a selection of beers and lagers, wine)
  • savoury snacks (home-made meatballs, crisps, cheese, homemade soups, croque-monsieurs, sandwiches)
  • sweet snacks (sweets, chocolate bars, fresh fruit salad, apple and chocolate homemade cakes)
  • and of course there's the freshly made pancake stand (topped with sugar, chocolate or jam). To find out where it is, just follow your nose!

Opening times:

  • The bars are open from the beginning of the first screening to the end of the last screening of the day.
  • Snacks and pancakes from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Cash payment only.


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