25 February - 06 March 2022 D-213

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Anima on demand

Enjoy Anima All Summer Long on Sooner!

Anima is now available on the Sooner streaming platform and offers you the best of animation films in a collection that brings together our favourites, must-see classics, and special programmes!

In addition to our 2021 Awards and our Ministars short film programme for children, many films selected during previous editions of Anima can be (re)discovered in Sooner's Anima collection! All those films are available for rental or in Sooner's various subscription packages.

Discover the Anima collection on Sooner today!

Find all your favourite animation films in the Anima collection, such as Little Vampire, Josep, Calamity, Shaun the Sheep, A Town Called Panic!, My Life as a Zucchini, I've Lost My Body, SamSam, This Magnificent Cake ! and much more!

Palmares 2021

This exceptional programme for adults gathers all the short films awarded in national and international competitions at Anima 2021: the best films of this 40th edition you must absolutely watch!

Easter Eggs, Nicolas Keppens (Award for Best Belgian Short Film)
Hold Me Tight, Mélanie Robert-Tourneur (Author Award)
Amours Libres, Emily Worms (Grand Prix for Best Short of the Fédération Wallonie -Bruxelles)
Rebooted, Michael Shanks (Animated Night Award )
À La Mer poussière, Heloïse Ferlay (Special Mention)
Les Yeux grands ouverts, Laura Passalacqua (Creative Revelation Award for Best Student Short Film)
Elo, Alexandra Ramires (Special Jury Award)
Empty Places, Geoffroy de Crécy (Grand Prix Anima)



This programme is made up of ten little gems with no dialogue, especially made for the little ones to gently initiate them into the wonders of animation. A programme with lots of birds, stars and a good witch.

Colossal Vessel, Nijin Nazeem and Suresh Eriyat, IND, 2019
Un Lynx dans la ville, Nina Bisiarina, FR, 2019, 6'
Twin Trees, Emmanuel Ollivier, FR, 2020, 4'
Star Bright, Leno Miao and Mercedes Marro, ES, 2019, 7'
Der kleine Vogel und die Bienen, Lena Von Döhren, CH, 2020, 4'
Kiki La Plume, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville, FR, 2020, 5'
Teplaya zvezda, Anna Kuzina, RU, 2020, 4'
The Lighthouse Man, Matt Waltonca, 2020, 4'
Forests - Tom Rosenthal, Katy Wang, GB, 2'
Malyshka y Baba Yaga, Evgenia Golubeva, RU, 2020, 4'

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