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Animation made in Belgium

Made in Belgium

Everything you've always wanted to know about animation in Belgium… and have made a point of asking us!

This part of the Anima website is for all those interested in Belgian animation who would like to have a first-hand and updated source about the industry in Belgium.
©: Reproduction in whole or in part of any texts from the following list is subject to prior authorization.
For all requests contact: gazette@folioscope.be

Le Benelux, laboratoire de l’Europe animée, by Philippe Moins (2007-2013)
La Belgique s’anime, by Alain Lorfèvre (2012)
Les écoles d'animation en Belgique, by Alain Lorfèvre (2011)
Le Festival Anima, by Alain Lorfèvre (2011)
Focus sur une école: La Cambre, by Alain Lorfèvre (2011)
Courts métrages: une génération féconde, by Alain Lorfèvre (2011)

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