25 February - 06 March 2022

A Bite of Bone
Au Praxinoscope

A Bite of Bone

A Bite of Bone / Honekami

International professional short filmsSHORT FILMS
Honami YANO


2021 / 9’ / Japanese / approved for all audiences

Short film

A Bite of Bone
Au Praxinoscope

While at her father’s funeral, a girl remembers the last summer she spent with him. The film is about a modest life that takes place on a small island in a hidden corner of Japan.

Saturday 26 February 19:00 - 20:12Flagey - Studio 4
Audio : VO, Subtitles : NL FR ENTickets
DirectorHonami YANO.
ScreenplayHonami YANO.
EditorHonami YANO.
SoundMasumi TAKINO.
ProductionAu Praxinoscope.

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