25 February - 06 March 2022

Babies and the Bear
KAZ Studio

Babies and the Bear

Babies and the Bear / Bobaski i Miś

International short films for a young audienceKIDS
Skrobecki MAREK


2020 / 3’ / No dialogue - no intertitles / approved for all audiences

Short film

Babies and the Bear
KAZ Studio

Children notice some strings hanging from the sky. The boy pulls one of the strings and pulls down a balloon. But the balloon bursts. The girl pulls down more balloons. The balloons lift her up in the air and the children begin their adventures among the clouds.

Monday 28 February 14:00 - 14:36Palace
Without dialogues - Tickets
Tuesday 1 March 16:30 - 17:06Flagey - Studio 4
Without dialogues - Tickets
Thursday 3 March 14:30 - 15:06Flagey - Studio 5
Without dialogues - Tickets
DirectorSkrobecki MAREK.
ScreenplayMarek SKROBECKI and Maja GARMULEWICZ.
Production designerMarek SKROBECKI.
SoundKris GÓRSKI.
ProductionKAZ Studio.
SalesKAZ Studio.
DistributorKAZ Studio.
PrizeAll of the festivals mentioned above as we have been selected to the final award.

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