12-21 February 2021 D-219


School Screenings

School Matinees 2020

The Anima Festival is presenting three screenings exclusively for school kids on the 19, 20 and 21 February 2020.

The screenings start at 10:00 am sharp, so it's advisable to arrive 20 minutes before.
Price per child: 4 €. Every companion per 10 children gets a free entry, otherwise the price is 4 €.

On Wednesday 19 February at 10am - L’Odyssée de Choum
© Le Parc Distribution

Just as Shooom, the baby owl, hatches, a storm turns her tree upside down and knocks her out of the nest. Unabashed, she totters off, pushing the second egg from the brood with her, to find a mother… even if it turns out to be an alligator or a raccoon!

The Nest, Sonja Rohleder, Germany, 2019,4'
The Bird and the Whale, Carol Freeman, Ireland, 2018, 7'
Shooom's Odyssey, Julien Bisaro, France, 2019, 25’

French version - Total length : 37 minutes - 4+

On Thursday 20 February at 10am - SamSam
© La Compagnie Cinématographique

SamSam, the smallest of great heroes, has still not discovered his first super-power, while at home and at school, everyone has one! Thanks to Mega, the mysterious new student in school, he goes off in search of this hidden power and embarks on an adventure full of cosmic monsters…

Feature film by Tanguy de Kermel, BE-FR, 2019, 78’
French version - 5+

On Friday 21 February at 10am - The Addams Family
© Sony Pictures

The most famous of macabre families is living happily in their haunted mansion. But the arrival of a leading TV interior designer disrupts the organization of a family event, especially as this visitor wants to force them out… The funny, eccentric and completely iconic Addams family redefines what it means to be a good neighbour.

Feature film by Greg Tiernan et Conrad Vernon, CA-US, 2019, 86’
Dutch version - 7+

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