25 February - 06 March 2022 D-128


The Animation Laboratory

Have you ever dreamed of flying or disappearing by magic?

Would you like to move objects with your eyes or your thoughts?

Then, welcome to the animation laboratory! Professor Harry Howzen and his assistants will show you the main principles of animation.

But how?
Professsor Harry Howzen has organized an online workshop for you (in FRENCH) that’s just like a tutorial. You’ll be able to find out about pixilation and stop motion


A smartphone, a few objects, your family or pet, a little bit of imagination and the Stop Motion Studio App available on Google Play or Apple Store.

Need some technical help?
Live from the lab. Check it out on Jitsi with Professor Howzen and his assistants from 1:30 to 5:30 pm throughout the Anima Festival  

Smartphones to the ready: Action!

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