12-21 February 2021


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Payment methods : VISA, MASTERCARD

Our platform only accepts payments with credit cards (Mastercard/Visa). If you wish to pay with a Maestro card, we invite you to do so via this platform visit.brussels. 
Or you can make a transfer to the Anima Festival account BE13 2100 2799 2939, giving the name of the PASS you want to buy. We will only accept transfers for the Kids, Films, All-in and Futuranima passes and not for the film programmes or individual films. Please send us proof of payment to online@animafestival.info. Once we have read your mail, we will send you a promo code that will give you to access the rented passes.

Be careful, all films are geoblocked to Belgium, except for Futuranima contents.

If your film is part of the 2021 selection, you have free access to the Anima Online platform. 
Contact us to get your access: accreditation@animafestival.info  

You can also choose to support the Festival by buying your ticket for Anima Online! A proof of payment will be sent to you automatically.

Helpdesk : online@animafestival.info 


Tickets & rates Anima Online


You can buy your tickets online via the hyperlinks on the film pages of this website.

  All-in access (Films + Futuranima) 30€
  Films Pass  18€
  Futuranima Pass 15€
Works with updated browsers Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari
Per film/program

You can purchase each program individually. 


Short film/feature film programme



Each short film of more than 10 minutes



Each short film of less than 10 minutes

You can purchase special packages. 


Kids (all children's programs, with no violent or inappropriate content) 12€


Animated Night 8€


Korean Focus 12€


Best of Shorts 12€


Futuranima 15€











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