17-26 February 2023

Focket Fyre
Warner Bros. Discovery

Focket Fyre

National short films
Loulou JOÃO


2022 / 10’ / English / approved for all audiences

Short film

Focket Fyre
Warner Bros. Discovery

Miss Focket wants to get into quadskating but first she needs to break through her mental block. After overcoming her fear at the skatepark, Miss Focket gets hurt after pushing herself too far. After a moment of self-pity, she remembers why she got into it in the first place. Not only does she learn to listen to herself and set her own boundaries, she also discovers that she’s a badass on wheels!

Wed 22 February21:30 - 22:40 Flagey - Studio 4
Audio: OV, Subtitles: FR/NL/EN - TICKETS
DirectorLoulou JOÃO.
MusicOriana Mangala IKOMO WANGA.
SoundMaarten SERPENTIER.
ProductionVery Mute and Very Mute.
DistributorWarner Bros. Discovery.

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