17-26 February 2023

Punchline Cinema


National short films
Jérémy DEPUYDT and Giuseppe ACCARDO

Belgium, France

2022 / 23’ / Dialecte italien / approved for all audiences

Short film

Punchline Cinema

A Sicilian village in the late nineteenth century. The young Pina has the power to regenerate the land. With each harvest, the village is prey to shameless mafiosi stealing and looting. Pina’s encounter with the mob chief plunges the hamlet into an era of starvation, endangering the whole country.

Wed 22 February21:30 - 22:40 Flagey - Studio 4
Audio: OV, Subtitles: FR/NL/EN - TICKETS
DirectorJérémy DEPUYDT and Giuseppe ACCARDO.
ScreenplayJérémy DEPUYDT.
MusicDavid Gana / Laurent Cabrillat .
SoundLaurent MARTIN.
ProductionPunchline Cinema.
Co-productionNext Days Films.

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