12-21 February 2021


Children’s short films


Anima has selected the most touching, funny, graphically innovative and accomplished children's films of the year. Result: 6 thematic top programmes for different ages.
Discover the international competition: Coupe Vanille, Grooaaw!, Ministars, the best Belgian children's films in Les petits belges, a special Valentine’s Day-programme for children and, as a bonus, the best children's films of the 2020 edition.


Best of Kids 2020
Best of Kids 2020

  • Le Spectacle de maternelle
  • Le Tigre sans rayures
  • Cat Lake City
  • Une Nuit de tempête
  • Le Cerf-volant

Many dates on our Anima on Tour have had to be cancelled this year. In order for the favourites and prizewinning films for kids of Anima 2020 to be seen as much as possible, we're putting the Anima on Tour for Kids 2020 programme on our platform. This also includes the film that made us want to ask Gil Alkabetz to do the poster this year.

Without dialogue, 4+

Coupe Vanille
Coupe Vanille

  • Parapluies
  • Vuela
  • Runmania
  • Vanille

Little Vanille, who has recently arrived in Guadeloupe from Paris, soon finds herself in the middle of a mysterious adventure, full of endearing characters. At the same time, the bubbly young runner in Runmania, the cute baby bird in Vuela, and 6-year-old Kyna, frightened by the rain in the exquisite Parapluies, are all trying to overcome their fears and become more independent.

French version with Dutch subtitles and without dialogue, 6+

Grooaaw !
Grooaaw !

  • WhateverTree
  • Alyaska
  • Lupin
  • Inkt
  • The Tiger Who Came to Tea

A mysterious tiger appears unannounced at tea time. Sophie and her mum look on in amazement as he gobbles up everything in the house. Before discovering this enchanting film, children will be taken into four other stories featuring animals who are sometimes wise, sometimes wild.

French version with Dutch subtitles and without dialogue, 6+

Les Petits Belges
Les Petits Belges

  • Bébé
  • Ollie
  • Kiran et les Masques
  • Méga Méga Méga Méga Fête
  • Oscar & Victoria
  • La Légende du printemps
  • Le Petit Sapin
  • Poussière

This is where you'll find some little gems of Belgian animation especially for the kids, with a melting pot of music videos and TV, workshop or student films.

French version and without dialogue, 5+


  • Colossal Vessel
  • Un Lynx dans la ville
  • Twin Trees
  • Star Bright
  • Der kleine Vogel und die Bienen
  • Kiki La Plume
  • Teplaya zvezda
  • The Lighthouse Man
  • Forests - Tom Rosenthal
  • Malyshka y Baba Yaga

This programme is made up of ten little gems with no dialogue, especially made for the little ones to gently initiate them into the wonders of animation. A programme with lots of birds, stars and a good witch.

Without dialogue, 4+

Saint-Valentin Special Kids
Saint-Valentin Special Kids

  • Odpolední čaj
  • Printsessa y bandit
  • JMC SPECIAL "Jean-Michel et les histoires interdites"

Marcel the mayor has decided to ban love stories, which only causes problems and makes everyone miserable! Ban love stories? Jean-Michel isn't much for it and his girlfriend Gisèle even less… Neither are we! Another couple of amusing films accompany this medium-length woodland tale, for a programme about love with a capital L!

French version and without dialogue, 6+

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