21 February - 01 March 2020



The Festival is an event itself, with a continuous stream of screenings, guests, exhibitions, workshops and conferences. Here's a selection of a few out-of-the-ordinary events: the screening of a complete series, some "green " films accompanied by an educational tool, a meeting with a contemporary artist, a drawing battle and a programme of funny films made by women.

Battle dessinée du Journal Spirou !

    If you're a fan of live drawing, come along to the friendly pencil fight between pairs of graphic designers from Spirou magazine. A cross between a graphic wrestling match and a contemporary art happening, the Spirou Drawing Battle is sure to set Anima alight!
    Vincent Patar et Stéphane Aubier (Pic Pic André et leurs amis)
    Pierre Bailly (Petit Poilu)
    Benoit Feroumont (Le Royaume)
    Goum (Comme des bêtes)

    Green Screen
    Green Screen

    • On The Cover
    • Volgens de vogels
    • Partir
    • La nuit des sacs plastique
    • La Maison des singes
    • Thermostat 6

    PointCulture invites you to check out its new tool: a compilation of animated shorts to talk about issues connected to the environment. The DVD and the educational booklet will be available free of charge on site. As a taster, five of the thirteen chosen shorts will be screened at Anima.
    For more info: www.pointculture.be/education

    Hans Op de Beeck's Landscapes
    Hans Op de Beeck's Landscapes

    • Night Time
    • The Girl
    • Staging Silence

    Hans Op de Beeck is an artist known internationally for his hyperrealistic life-size sculptures, paintings, photos and animated films. In synergy with his other work, his contemplative and mysterious films are about the impermanence of life. 

    In the presence of Hans Op de Beeck.
    In collaboration with Sabam for Culture. 

    Women in Laugh
    Women in Laugh

    • Een griekse tragedie
    • Pinguin
    • Chroniques du 9e art : La Pureté de l'enfance
    • Et ta prostate, ça va?
    • Bloody Fairy Tales
    • Rollin' Safari : What if Animals were round ?
    • Sacrées Nonnes
    • Raymonde ou l'évasion verticale
    • Bob's Birthday
    • Tram

    Sometimes fierce, sometimes subtle, these women touch on all the aspects of humour and dare to talk about everything, from the prostate to nuns or their own wild fantasies. Nothing escapes their spirited visual and verbal liveliness. 

    The very best of feminine humour paying tribute to the filmmaker Nicole Van Goethem who died 20 years ago and who won the Oscar® for Best Short Film (Animated) with Een Griekse Tragedie

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