21 February - 01 March 2020 D-1


Northern Lights

When thinking of Scandinavian and Finnish animation, we immediately remember several subtle and intelligent features for children, while diversity and innovation spring to mind when thinking of their short films.
Artists from the North tend to be realistic and meet you head-on, they are interested in social issues and eye-witness accounts, and they like to share their opinions. When they laugh, it's loud and clear and women have a place in the art form too.
Confirmed talents like Anita Kili, Niki von Bahr, Odell and Sapegin rub shoulders with up-and-coming filmmakers in this programme. And, along with their personal styles, they all have something explicit to say.

The Chapel Films

    This brand new studio, recently created by Johan Edström and Jonas Odell, the former boss of the innovative Filmtecknarna studio, brings together the stars of Swedish animation, brilliantly producing and making commercials, music videos and shorts etc. Jonas Odell will be here to talk about this new adventure...

    Northern Lights - 1
    Northern Lights - 1

    • Ivandoe | The Prince and the Pretty Poodle
    • Sore Eyes for Infinity
    • Never like the first time!
    • Live a Little
    • How Long Not Long
    • Death of an Insect
    • Moms on Fire
    • DAD

    Northern Lights - 2
    Northern Lights - 2

    • The Plastic Godzilla of the Baltic Sea
    • Interview
    • Nocturnal Butterfly
    • Kuhina
    • Absence of Eddy Table (The)
    • Me and My Moulton
    • Angry Man

    Northern Lights - 3
    Northern Lights - 3

    • Penelope
    • Vox Lipoma
    • Vermin
    • Still Lives
    • The Marathon Diary
    • Bath House
    • Song Sparrow

    Northern Lights - 4
    Northern Lights - 4

    • Peter Pix - The Car
    • Somewhere Soft
    • Eternity
    • Blame it on the Seagull
    • Mother and Milk
    • Less Than Human
    • Farce
    • A most precise and nuanced look into the life of the man legend and visionary - Martin Luther
    • Origin of Man

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