21 February - 01 March 2020 D-1


The Animated Night

The Animated Night 29/02

Are you feeling satiated or exhausted after eight days of non-stop screenings?
Well, you'd better recharge your batteries because it's not over yet! Real Festival regulars know the best is yet to come!
On the ninth day, there's the Animated Night and there's no way you should miss it!

Three programmes where humour and transgression compete with the bizarre. Thirty-five gems, ranging from funny little things to big extravaganzas...
To be enjoyed till the wee-small hours.
The screen lights up at 9:30 pm, but best come early as musical entertainment and surprises await!


Animation DJ Sharky & VJ Tzky (Machine Sauvage)

Using his scratch techniques, DJ Sharky can create a musical crescendo on his tables going from hip-hop to drum and bass. Graphic designer Thomas Zaderatzky (VJ TZKY) juggles with 2D, 3D, or real time pictures, straddling the line between conceptual art and pop to set mutant shapes to music.

Contest Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a partner of Anima again and, as always, they are giving away presents ! Sharpen your pencils and draw a fantastic creature! Maybe you will win one of the fabulous goodies Cartoon Network is giving away on the occasion of The Animated Night.


  • Episode 13 - Fun Proof - Apple and Onion want to become this week's "Most Fun People"
  • Dawn of Ape (The)
  • Maestro
  • Duodrom
  • Revenge Story
  • Rain
  • Birds, By the Way. Autumn
  • Deep Love
  • Pumpers Paradise
  • Wild West Compressed
  • Dream Cream
  • Portrait of Suzanne


  • Hello, my Dears
  • Michaela Tereshkova's Extremely Obscure Discovery
  • Quick Fix
  • One Minute of Pure Luck
  • Slug Life
  • Juana Molina - Paraguaya Punk
  • Hors Course
  • Why Slugs Have No Legs
  • Plaisir Sucré
  • Mascot
  • XYU
  • Têtard


  • Dernier Acte
  • Chess
  • Life24
  • Slug Finger (The)
  • Heatwave
  • Takoyaki Story
  • Hot and Tasty
  • Juicy - Something is Gone
  • One Pair Coat
  • Sunscapades
  • Sweet Survival
  • Human Nature
  • Techno
  • Wine Wenches

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