12-21 February 2021


Short Films


Six Best of Shorts programmes with the best international short films, Real Life Stories, a programme of animated documentaries, the best music videos in Watch & Dance and, last but not least, three This is Belgium programmes... together they form the official short film selection for adults of Anima 2021.

The short films in the international selection are the quintessence of the Festival and the source of all possibilities and fantasies. Filmmakers and animators from all over the world will delight, surprise, question, move and amaze us with their inspiration and impressive technical prowess. Let yourself be taken into their special worlds!


C'est du belge 1

  • Dry Sea
  • Monachopsis
  • Through the Cymbals I Will Watch
  • Mosaic
  • Hold me Tight
  • Gloria
  • Easter Eggs


Best of Shorts 1
Best of Shorts 1

  • Navozande, le Musicien
  • Något att minnas
  • Trona Pinnacles
  • Tourist Trap
  • Plantarium
  • Candy Can
  • Orgiastic Hyper-Plastic
  • Genius Loci


Best of Shorts 2
Best of Shorts 2

  • Mesa
  • Khoziayka Mednoy Gory
  • Rauw
  • Dans la Rivière
  • Wade
  • Altötting
  • Précieux


Best of Shorts 3
Best of Shorts 3

  • Empty Places
  • Pishto's Birthday
  • Chado
  • Dune
  • Matilda and the Spare Head
  • Opera
  • Hot Flash
  • Souvenir, souvenir

OV sub FR-NL-EN 

Best of Shorts 4
Best of Shorts 4

  • Filles bleues, peur blanche
  • Homeless Home
  • Polka-dot Boy
  • Psie pole
  • Horacio
  • Gorodskaya Koza
  • Elo


Best of Shorts 5
Best of Shorts 5

  • Lístek
  • À La Mer poussière
  • Vies-à-vies
  • Thank You
  • Sola
  • Marbles
  • Les Yeux grands ouverts
  • 100,000 Acres of Pine
  • Ahead
  • Mon Ami qui brille dans la nuit


Best of Shorts 6
Best of Shorts 6

  • Avant Card
  • Senses
  • We stand on the hill, proud and gentle, heading towards the unknown and death
  • Coffin
  • Room with a Sea View
  • Ton français est parfait
  • The Edge
  • The Balloon Catcher
  • Song of a Lost Boy


C’est du belge 2
C’est du belge 2

  • Papa Zaza
  • Les Aventures de Bao - Confinés
  • Sorry, I Don't Understand
  • Would You Please?
  • Scaphoide et métacarpes
  • Ego Echo
  • Woods
  • Ontbinding
  • Tussen de bijen en de tarbot
  • La Cerise sur le gateau
  • Amours libres
  • Un Kilomètre à pied


C’est du belge 3
C’est du belge 3

  • Opa & Omi
  • Scarlet Red
  • L'Oreille musicale
  • Pavement
  • Grand Soleil - Réalité
  • The Krostons - The Apple Avalanche Short
  • Horrible Tales for Terrible Children
  • L'homme assis qui voulait se lever
  • Master of None
  • Ouic Ouic


Real Life Stories
Real Life Stories

  • Comme un Fleuve
  • Rivages
  • Darwin's Notebook
  • Wochenbett
  • Wampoei
  • De berde
  • Just a Guy
  • All Her Dying Lovers
  • Esfinge urbana
  • Ce qui résonne dans le silence
  • Forever

The selection of the best international animated documentaries of the year, with serial killer groupies, a remarkable pike, a case of the baby blues, Spanish street art, windy weather on the Breton coast, and other slices of life from around the world…


Watch & Dance
Watch & Dance

  • Careful - Jo Goes Hunting
  • Grand Soleil - Réalité
  • The Blank Page
  • Real Human Being
  • Falling Down - Superpoze ft. Dream Koala
  • Storm Boy - Xavier Rudd
  • Home - Pléthore
  • Junkie's Never Enough - INNOSENT in FORMAL
  • Last I Heard (He Was Circling the Drain) - Thom Yorke
  • A Little Too Much
  • Pavement
  • Southpaw
  • Out of Sight - Yello
  • Empower Rap

Sparks will certainly fly when two creative areas - animation and music -collide! A delightful programme for the eyes and ears, including Alice Saey, Jake Fried, Martina Scarpelli, Sawako Kabuki, and a few very inspired Belgians.

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