12-21 February 2021 D-76




For directors and/or producers of festival films, festival partners or guest speakers who have not received an invitation for a guest accreditation (free of charge), please send an e-mail to accreditation@animafestival.info

The charge for the accreditation is €40. The accreditation gives access to all festival screenings, except the opening and the closing screening (invitation only) as well as the masterclass and the VR Festival.

Professional accreditation form

For new applications please note that the festival will check the nature of your professional activities.

As soon as your accreditation is filled in and paid, you will receive an interactive grid to book your screenings. All screenings in Studios 1, 4 & 5 can be reserved within the limit of available seats. Even with a reservation, access is no longer guaranteed 5 minutes before the official start time of the screening.

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