12-21 February 2021 D-24


Anima Saturdays

Anima Saturdays 2020-2021

Give your kids the chance to discover the joys of film in a real cinema with a big screen and good sound.
Treat them to the wonders of animated films that are off the beaten track.

  • Prices :
    Film only: children 6 € / adults 7.5 €
    Film + snack + workshop: 12.5 €

  • Time :
    Film: 11:00am and 2:00 pm, Studio 5 (Flagey)

    STARTING IN FEBRUARY (if possible)

    Film: 2:00 pm, Studio 5 (Flagey)
    Workshop and snack: just after the film, Foyer 3
    Ends around 4:30 pm (depending on the running time of the film)
12 September 2020: The Owl in the Chef’s Hat
© Le Parc Distribution

This preview screening of the new Owl programme takes an amusing look at the food chain, invites the kids to the pastry shop and talks about the emotional value of our food.

Programme of 5 short films:
The Little Frog with the Big Mouth by Célia Coco
The Little Red Chick by Célia Tisserant
The Icing on the Cake by Frits Standaert
The Bear that Swallowed a Fly by Pascale Hecquet
Madame Fruit Tartine by Pascale Hecquet

In addition to your 5 fruits and veggies per day, here are five sweet little tales that the Owl with the chef's hat has cooked up with the magic of animation!

From 4 yrs - in French - Running time: 52 minutes, France, Belgium

🎟 Tickets :
11:00 am : https://cutt.ly/Qd5oYsn
14:00 pm : https://cutt.ly/Md5oOP0

3 October 2020: Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems
© Le Parc Distribution

A piglet lives with his father at the top of a hill menaced by a big black cloud. Before leaving to fight the mists, the father builds a windmill to drive away the cloud and protect the hill and its inhabitants. Finding himself alone, the young piglet finds solace and a surrogate family with his friend the Fox. They will make all kinds of discoveries together...

A film by Erick Oh, 2019.

From 6 yrs – no dialogue - Running time : 50 min, France, Belgium

🎟 Tickets :
11:00 am : https://cutt.ly/wd5mhhu
14:00 pm : https://cutt.ly/9d5mk1l

24 October 2020: Cats Here, Cats There
© Le Parc Distribution

From tubby Bamboule to some canny felines from the Orient, a wolf race and some extraordinary fishing, these four fables are an amusing lyrical treat!

Programme of 4 short films:
The Tiger and his Master by Fabrice Luang-Vija
The Miracle Catch by Fabrice Luang-Vija
The Chicken, the Cat and other Beasts by Fabrice Luang-Vija
Bamboule by Emilie Pigeard

Moggies that are both cute and comical!

From 5 yrs – in French - Running time: 56 minutes, France, Belgium

🎟 Tickets :
11:00 am : https://cutt.ly/Id5QZAb
14:00 pm : https://cutt.ly/bd5QCLL

14 November 2020: Mole Loves Nature - CANCELLED
© Les Films du Préau


The iconic and timeless little Mole is back!
Mole and his friends are ready to delight a new generation of young spectators with their concerns about the environment and the preservation of nature.

Programme of 3 short films by Zdeněk Miler:
Mole and the Chewing Gum
Mole and the TV
Mole in Town

From 2 yrs – no dialogue - Running time: 44 minutes, Czech Republic

12 December 2020: Pat & Mat: Winter Fun - CANCELLED
© Cinéma Public Films

We know how good Pat and Mat are about taking on any challenge and coming up with most ingenious and effective solutions. This new programme will once again put them to the test as the cold of winter and a thick carpet of snow cover the city!

Programme of 5 short films by Marek Beneš:
The Chocolate House
The Sauna
Best Wishes
Christmas Gifts
The Igloo

It's a real pleasure to see them in this winter setting that is just right for games and surprises.

From 3 yrs – no dialogue - Running time: 40 minutes, Czech Republic

🎟 Tickets :
11:00 am : https://cutt.ly/ygdumrE
14:00 pm : https://cutt.ly/QgduWkD

9 January 2021: Hungry Bear Tales - CANCELLED
© GEBEKA Films

One of them is big, the other one is tiny… Ned and Mishka are not your average bears! They're the best of friends, who live in a cosy house in the forest and share the same passion for eating, and who will stop at nothing to get good food with as little effort as possible, whatever the risks!

Programme of 6 short films by Alexandra Májová and Katerina Karhánková:
A New Hungry Friend
The Argument
The Magic of Christmas
Fancy Dress
Hungry Bears Party

An animated comedy with two hungry bears, who are not afraid of difficulties as long as there's something to munch at the end of it!

From 4 yrs – in French - Running time: 42 minutes, Czech Republic


6 March 2021: The Rescue Team Headed for Adventure!
© Cinéma Public Films

Pote, Sily and Bemby are always ready to help out. Whatever the problem these three companions will find the (often unexpected) solution! For better, and usually for worst, their services are now available throughout Europe!

A programme of 5 short films by Janis Cimermanis:
The Corrida
Holiday in London
The Tower of Pisa
The Mysteries of Paris

From 3 yrs – no dialogue - Running time: 44 minutes, Latvia

20 March 2021: Hello World!
© Le Parc Distribution

Ten species of animals out of several others are born, live and get to know each other along a river…

A feature film made up of 10 episodes by Anne–Lise Koehler and Eric Serre
The Eagle Owl
The Great Crested Grebe
The Kingfisher
The European Pond Turtle
The Leisler's Bat
The European Beaver
The Spotted Salamander
The Bittern
The Northern Pike
The Emperor Dragonfly

And they all exclaim: "Hello world"!

From 4 yrs – in French - Running time: 61 minutes, France

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