21 February - 01 March 2020

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Anima Saturdays

Anima Saturdays 2019/2020

Anima Saturdays are monthly appointments for film-loving families!

The formula? A film for all then, for 6 to 10 year-olds, a snack and an animation workshop to test different techniques like paper cut-outs, pixilation or tablets.
Seven dates this season, with films coming from different places, times and techniques. They have been chosen by the Anima Festival programmers and are, for the most part, without dialogue, so as to be accessible to all (please check info for each session). However, the workshops will be given in French and Dutch. There are a limited number of places, advanced reservation is advised.

The workshops can be followed individually or throughout the year. as the creative topics will be varied each month.

Rates: Film: Children 6 euros / Adults 7.50 euros
Film + Snack + Workshop: 12.50 euros

Time: Film: 2:00 pm, Studio 5
Workshop and snack: just after the film in Foyer 3
Workshop ends around 4:30 pm (depending on length of film)

21 september 2019: La Petite Fabrique de nuages
Des Vagues dans le ciel © Little KMBO

Seen from above or below, the sky is always a theatre for amazing spectacles. And whether you're a migrating bird, a lemur explorer, a hunter of stars or a little tortoise, there's always time to dream, with your head in the clouds!

Programme of 5 shorts:

Des Vagues dans le ciel, Gildardo Santoyo del Castillo, Mexico, 8’38’’ – SD
Petite Flamme, Vladislav Bayramgulov, Russia, 8’09’’ – SD
Deux Ballons, Mark C. Smith, Canada, 9’ – SD
Citron et sureau, Ilenia Cotardo, UK, 2’41’’- SD
Nimbus, Marco Nick, Brazil, 16’35’’ – SD

A poetic programme to conquer the skies!
From 4 years - Without dialogue - Running time: 46 min


26 october 2019 : Minuscule 2 – Les Mandibules du bout du monde
Minuscule 2 © Athéna

When the first snow arrives in the valley, it's urgent to prepare reserves for winter. Unfortunately, during the operation, a little ladybird finds itself trapped in a box on its way to... the Caribbean!
The only solution is to get the dream team back together again!
New world, new encounters, new dangers... Will the helpers arrive in time?

A film filled with friendship and solidarity between the ladybird, the ant and the spider who resume service again at the other end of the world

Feature film by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud, 2019.
From 6 years - Without dialogue - Running time: 1 hr 32 min



9 November 2019: Pat and Mat Move House
Pat & Mat © Cinéma Public Films

Pat and Mat have put down their boxes in a new house. The two inseparable handymen are brimming over with ideas to improve their lives. But will their new playground survive their wacky schemes?

Programme of 5 shorts:
Le Miel et les abeilles, Drone de cheminée, Tournez Manège, La Tondeuse, La Petite Taupe

This funny and clumsy pair have been making us laugh since 1976!

A programme by Marek Benes, 2018.
From 3 years - Without dialogue - Running time: 40 min


14 December 2019: Loups tendres et loufoques
C’est moi le plus beau © Le Parc Distribution

You want wolves... well, here they are! They rule the roost and imagine lording it over all the other animals, but it's a well known fact that all wolves are artichoke hearts!

Programme of 6 shorts (2018):

C’est moi le plus beau, Anaïs Sorrentino and Arnaud Demuynck, 5’32’’ – VF
C’est moi le plus fort, Anaïs Sorrentino and Arnaud Demuynck, 5’51’’ – VF
Trop Petit Loup, Arnaud Demuynck, 8’47’’ - VF
Le Retour du grand méchant loup, Pascale Hecquet, 11’22’’ – VF
Grand Loup & Petit Loup, Rémi Durin, 13’59’’ – VF
Promenons-nous, Hugo Frassetto, 4’38’’ - VF

A funny and poetic revisit of the wolf from fables and books, with many stereotypes to be found in today's society.
From 3 years - In French - Running time: 53 min


11 January 2020: Les Petits Canards de papier
Le Petit Canard Yaya © Little KMBO

Programme of 3 shorts:

Le Petit Canard Yaya, Yu Zheguang, 11’ – WD, 1980.
Les Petits Canards intelligents, Yu Zheguang, 8’ – WD, 1960.
Un Gros Chou, Yu Zheguang, 17’ – in French, 1961.
followed by Kuap, Nils Hedinger, 7’ Switzerland, WD, 2018

Short films from Art Studios in Shanghai, followed by "Kuap", a refreshing aquatic tale from Switzerland.
From 3 years - Without dialogue and in French - Running time: 44 min


21 March 2020: Le Cochon, le renard et le moulin
Le Cochon, le renard et le moulin © GEBEKA Films

A piglet lives with his father at the top of a hill menaced by a big black cloud. Before leaving to fight the mists, the father builds a windmill to drive away the cloud and protect the hill and its inhabitants. Finding himself alone, the young piglet finds solace and a surrogate family with his friend the Fox. They will make all kinds of discoveries together...

Children's jury award winner at the Voir Ensemble Festival in Grenoble.

A film by Erick Oh, 2019.
From 6 years - Without dialogue - Running time: 50 min


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