21 February - 01 March 2020



Belgian and international animation professionals will be at Futuranima in Flagey, from 24th to 29th February 2020
© Gilles Moins

Attendees will be able to meet up with leading film directors from production studios in Belgium, check out pitch ses-sions of short films in progress and take part in a masterclass about screenplay writing or character design.The Festival will also play host to a meeting for animation festival organizers across Europe, and a day will be devoted to the connections that unite comic books and cartoon: royalty free comic books, author’s career paths, debates etc.

Belgian studios are recruiting
Some of the biggest Belgian animation studios will be visiting Futuranima to present future projects and those in pro-gress. These presentations will be followed by a recruitment session for experienced animators, preselected for an individual interview. We will also take advantage of the presence of studio professionals for an information session about the intricacies of work contracts, as well as a meeting devoted to VR technology (virtual reality and 360° films) and video games.
Around fifty international guests are also expected at the Festival.

Full programme details here.

We would like to thank our co-organizing partners for these professional days: Amplo, Screen Brussels, the SACD, Spirou magazine, the ASA (Audiovisual Screenwriters Association), the Scenaristengilde, the SABAM, the Pilen, Enclume Studio, Mediarte en hub.brussels.


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