28 February - 09 March 2025 D-228

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Anima on tour

Anima on Tour for Kids: Let’s Play !

If you love playing football when on holidays at Grandma’s, if you think all children should have fun parents, and have the right to get up to mischief and to play all the time, or if you dream of floating in the sky or help a little monkey fall asleep, then you’re going to love this programme full of fun films!

This dialogue-free programme has been designed specially for young cinemagoers

Total duration : 51' | 5+

This programme is available on request for local programme planners.
The Anima on Tour-films are available in our video library. If you wish to watch them, please send an e-mail to daria@folioscope.be


Pufferfish, Julia Ocker, DE, 2022, 3'37"

The Goose, Julia Mika, CZ/FR, 2023, 12'30"

To Be Sisters,  Anne-Sophie Grousset & Clément Céard, FR, 2022, 7'20"

Don’t Blow It Up, Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková, CZ, 2022, 7'20"

Somni, Sonja Rohleder, DE, 2023, 3’15”

Battery Mommy, Seung-bae Jeon, KR, 2023, 8’35” 

Princess Aubergine, Dina Velikovskaya, DE, 2023, 7’37”

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