17-26 February 2023

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Anima on tour

Anima on Tour for Kids

Like the Anima on Tour for adults, this programme represents a summary of the best films of Anima 2023, but this time specifically for children from 3 years of age: making new friends, taking the time to dream and escape to comforting worlds. An enjoyable moment to be shared with the family.
Duration : 39’ - 3+

Upcoming date: Saturday 22nd of April 2023 at Flagey

This programme is available on request for local programme planners.
The Anima on Tour-films are available in our video library. If you wish to watch them, please send an e-mail to daria@folioscope.be


Hush hush Little Bear, Māra LINIŅA, LV, 2022, 4’ 
While the adult bears are out looking for berries and honey, the baby bears stay at home. The bear cubs have fun playing with a ball of yarn, but soon enough they find themselves all tangled up and everything is turned upside down! The film is based on a traditional Latvian lullaby, ‘Hush Hush Little Bear’.

T-Rex, Julia OCKER, DE, 2022, 3’
Sadly, the T-Rex is terrible at basketball.

Little rain worms: The squirrel, Jaromír GÁL, CZ, 2022, 8’
This series tells the story of two young rainworms that always crawl out of a hole after a shower and start carrying out their ‘big ideas’. In this episode, they meet a daring squirrel.

Piropiro, Miyoung BAEK, KR, 2021, 9’
The story of two birds. Piropiro comes from the forest while Dalle lies in captivity in the flower shop in town. They meet by chance in front of the flower shop. Piropiro wants them to fly to the forest together.

Spin & Ella, An VROMBAUT, BE, 2022, 7’
Ella is a spider fairy. She lives with her best friend Spider in Branch City, a busy forest that looks a bit like a metropolis. Ella has a magic wand that she can use to draw spiderwebs. But she can't do it on her own, she needs Spider’s help for that! The two are inseparable – literally, since they’re connected by a spider thread – until the moment Ella and Spider each want to draw a different picture.

Franzy's Soup-Kitchen, Ana CHUBINIDZE, FR/GE, 2021, 8’
A lonely alien, Franzy the chef, discovers that her special pink soup is not only delicious but also magical when she shares it with starving creatures living on a strange planet …

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