17-26 February 2023 D-81

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Anima on tour

This programme is available on request for local programme planners.
The Anima on Tour-films are available in our video library. If you wish to watch them, please send an e-mail to daria@folioscope.be

Anima on Tour

Composed of favourites from the 41st Festival, Anima on Tour is the quintessence of the Festival’s DNA, in short format.

Upcoming dates:

Anima on Tour for Kids

Like the Anima on Tour for adults, this programme represents a summary of the best films of Anima 2022, but this time specifically for children from 5 years of age: making new friends, taking the time to dream and escape to comforting worlds. An enjoyable moment to be shared with the family.

Upcoming dates:
Sunday 19th February 2023: Beauraing

Les Liaisons foireuses, Chloé Alliez & Violette Delvoye, FR/BE, 2021, 10’
Loop, Pablo Polledri, ES/AR, 2021, 8’
Steakhouse, Špela Čadež, SI/FR/DE, 2021, 9’
Guard of Honour, Edmunds Jansons, LV, 2021, 5’
Kayak, T. Klein, A. Lefort, A. Rossi, S. Bosseboeuf & F. Dechorgnat, FR, 2021, 6’
Anxious Body, Yoriko Mizushiri, FR, 2021, 5’
Wet, C. Peyrebrune, E. Taussac, M. Bergeonneau, L. Montperet & M. Mandon, FR, 2021, 6’
Dans la nature, Marcel Barelli, CH, 2021, 5’
A Bite of Bone, Honami Yano, JP, 2021, 9’
Do Not Feed the Pigeons, Antonin Niclass, GB, 2021, 8’


Luce and the Rock, Britt Raes, BE/FR/NL, 2022, 13’
My Friend Tiger, Tatiana Kiseleva, RU, 2021, 7’
Andersland, An Vrombaut, BE, 2021, 7’
Under the Clouds, Tikunova Vasilisa, RU, 2021, 3’
Bémol, Oana Lacroix, CH, 2021, 5’
Sounds Between the Crowns, Filip Diviak, CZ, 2020, 14’

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