28 February - 09 March 2025 D-228


Coming to the Festival

Come to Anima

The Anima Festival will take place from 29 February to 9 March 2025.

At Flagey
Place Saint-Croix - 1050 Brussels
(+32) (0)2 641 10 20
Accessible to mobility-impaired visitors.
At Marni
25 Rue de Vergnies - 1050 Brussels

(+ 32) (0)2 639 09 80
Only the show hall is accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Our team will accompany you from outside the building to your seat on the same level. Please call us at (+32) (0)2 639 09 84 the day before or when you arrive to organize your visit.
Please note that Marni has no toilets accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


We advise to take a peaceful approach and reduce your environmental impact by using soft mobility like bike or public transport.
Compare the energy consumption, the CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts from planes, cars and trains in passenger transport via eco passenger.


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