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24h de l’animation

The Anima Festival is pleased to present a Zorobabel selection of les 24H de l’Animation 2023!

Each day of the Festival, Zorobabel released new animated sequences made during les 24H de l'Animation.

In partnership with Chez Zelle.

The Circle Square Project

This year's edition of 24H de l'Animation theme is the following: it consists of going from a circular shape, at the beginning, to a square at the end, by any means: in a narrative*, abstract**, graphic, pictorial, typographic, geometric, organic, fluid, discontinuous, musical, artisanal, digital, symbolic, contemplative, anecdotal, disruptive, experimental, materialist, psychological, burlesque way, etc.

Teaser - 24H de l'Animation

The Circle square project- theme of 24H de l'Animation 2023


Dennis Guerra & Arnaud Boulanger

Catherine Xu - Burger Metro

Étienne Grignon - Monocycle

Éric Ronsse - Ice ice Belisse

Julie Senecal - From circle to square

François Bizel et Ilaria Chicca - Clochard d’assaut

Loadless - Migraine

Loyda Mejia Rondo

Max Kway - Formes hors normes

Manon Karmoussi

Marie Royer - Confetti

Max Lunion - Du cercle au carré

Mathilde Chevrier

Neige Cavallini - Tangerine morning

William Van der Avoort - Frog

Pauline Aviles - Café salé

Théo Guyot, Thomas Leclercq & Pierre Watteyne - La Meule

Aurélie dMdH

Une de plus

Valentin Leclercq

Victoria - Églantine, la fleur de la galaxie

Zinia Scorier - Transforme

Mathis Dubrul - Rond carré

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