23 February - 03 March 2024
PHOENIX: Reminiscence of Flower
Beyond C. Co., Ltd.

PHOENIX: Reminiscence of Flower

PHOENIX: Reminiscence of Flower / Hinotori Eden no Hana (火の鳥 エデンの花)

Feature films


2023 / 94’ / 16+

JP sub EN

In the age of space exploration, Romi and her lover George flee a devastated Earth in search of a new world to call their home, settling on the planet Eden17. However, it turns out to be a desolate planet, unsuitable for human habitation. A successful adaptation of the world of the cult manga Phoenix by the great Osamu Tezuka.

Tue 27 February21:45 - 23:19 Flagey - Studio 5
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Sat 2 March19:00 - 20:34 Flagey - Studio 4
JP sub EN | Tickets
DirectionShojiro NISHIMI
ScreenplayKatsunari MANO and Saku KONOHANA
MusicTakatsugu MURAMATSU
ProductionBeyond C. Co. and Ltd.

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