23 February - 03 March 2024


Anima 2021



© Gil Alkabetz





Anima, the Brussels International Animation Film Festival has been undergoing a major transformation over these past months. The Festival has had to face a number of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic which have provoked a need to reinvent and renew and find solutions to offer its public a programme worthy of its fortieth edition.
This year, Anima will not be taking up residence at Flagey but will meet up with its festivalgoers on the new Anima online platform, where much of the programme initially planned to be screened in the theatres will be available. Additional virtual events are also planned to liven up the platform and recreate the unique Anima atmosphere in the safety of your home!
Even online, Anima will remain the Festival for all audiences and hopes to expand into many homes by making its programme available all over Belgium throughout the 10 days, with several feature films and short film programmes in diverse categories, masterclasses, pre-recorded interviews with filmmakers or studios, video clips from schools, and many additional bonuses!

As usual, there will also be many hours of amusement for children and families together in the programmes for kids.
In addition to the traditional Best of Shorts and It’s Belgian programmes, Anima is presenting a special 40 Years of Anima to celebrate this birthday edition, along with a Valentine’s Day programme and the famous Animated Night. The two focuses this year will put films from the Balkans and South Korea in the spotlight.
The online Futuranima professional appointments are showing off animation made in Belgium and the immense talent to be found there. Anima Online will also host all the videos and clips, along with a number of live Zoom events. These meetings in English will not be limited or geoblocked and will be open to all interested industry professionals.
The Anima team is delighted to present this 40th edition that is so special in every sense of the word!


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