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Juries 2024

International Short Film Competition: Barry Purves, Rocío Alvarez and Steve Henderson

The jury of the International Short Film Competition will include Barry Purves, Oscar-nominated director, animator and screenwriter of animated films; Rocío Alvarez, painter, illustrator and director; and Steve Henderson, director of the Manchester Animation Festival and editor of Skwigly, the UK’s leading online magazine dedicated to animated film.

National Short Film Competition: Catherine Totems, Raman Djafari and Muriel Andrin

The jury of the National Short Film Competition will be made up of Catherine Totems, storyboard artist, illustrator, head teacher and ex-director of the animation section at l’Atelier de Sèvres; Raman Djafari, Berlin-based director, illustrator and animator; and Muriel Andrin, doctor in film and professor at Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

International Competition for Short and Feature Films for Children: Olivier Catherin, Aline Quertain and Eric Montchaud

The jury of the International Competition for Short and Feature Films for Children will consist of Olivier Catherin (international producer), Aline Quertain (Belgian author and director of the film Wild Tale) and Eric Montchaud (director of the short films Anatole’s Little Sauce Pan and A Stone in the Shoe).

Feature Film Competition: Krešimir Zubčić, Nienke Deutz, Michiel Philippaerts

The jury for the Feature Film Competition includes Krešimir Zubčić, editor-buyer for Croatian television, Nienke Deutz, presenter and director of the films Bloeistraat 11 (2018) and The Miracle (2023), and Michiel Philippaerts, short film programmer and coordinator for Film Fest Gent.

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