23 February - 03 March 2024


Focus Sci-Fi

Focus Sci-fi

A selection of science-fiction films, from classics to new releases

Science Fiction Classics

This selection of iconic shorts is a round-up of some of the best experiments by film geniuses, taking us on a journey through time and space, without ever losing sight of the fact that science fiction is the ideal genre for expressing the anxieties of one’s time, here spread over more than a century! A programme not to be missed!

Science Fiction Scavengers

In the tradition of this century-old genre, the 2024 edition will as always be offering a host of films on interplanetary travel, sentient robots and alien ecosystems, filled with artistic references and allusions, and the desire to blow our minds with a vision of the future.

Fantastic Planet

The planet Ygam is home to giant androids called Traags. They keep tiny human beings they call Oms. But one day, the Om of the young girl Tiwa outsmarts her and triggers a revolt … An undisputed classic of science fiction, restored to mark its 50th anniversary.

PHOENIX: Reminiscence of Flower

In the age of space exploration, Romi and her lover George flee a devastated Earth in search of a new world to call their home, settling on the planet Eden17. However, it turns out to be a desolate planet, unsuitable for human habitation. A successful adaptation of the world of the cult manga Phoenix by the great Osamu Tezuka.

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Mars Express / Opening film

The year is 2200. Aline Ruby, a stubborn private detective, and Carlos Rivera, an android replica of her partner who has been dead for five years, set off on a race against time through the streets of Noctis, the Martian capital. Their mission: to find Jun Chow, a missing cybernetics student. A captivating film noir with a futuristic plot.

Les Tourouges et les Toubleus

Janet and Bill, a Smoo and a Smed, live on a distant planet. One fine morning, they fall in love. Unfortunately for them, Smeds and Smoos don’t mix, and what’s worse, they hate each other!
A new film by the creators of The Gruffalo and Superworm, based on the book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.


For our science-fiction focus, Cinematek looks back on that genre with a selection of eight iconic feature films. Most of them date from the early 2000s and hail from Europe, the United States and Japan. Some are being dusted off from the archives for the very first time, offering us a rare opportunity to enjoy these visionary works.

Astro Boy

Saturday 24/02 - 17:00
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Mutant Aliens

Saturday 24/02 - 21:00
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Monsters vs Aliens

Sunday 25/02 - 15:00
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Sunday 25/02 - 21:30
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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Monday 26/02 - 21:00
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Tuesday 27/02 - 21:00
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Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem

Wednesday 28/02 - 21:15
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Thursday 29/02 - 21:15
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