23 February - 03 March 2024
Science Fiction Scavengers
Titmouse Inc

Science Fiction Scavengers

In the tradition of this century-old genre, the 2024 edition will as always be offering a host of films on interplanetary travel, sentient robots and alien ecosystems, filled with artistic references and allusions, and the desire to blow our minds with a vision of the future.

OV sub FR NL EN | 16+ 

Screening on Sunday, February 25th in the presence of Yi Le.

Screening on Saturday, March 2nd in the presence of Franck Dion.

Total duration : 68 mn

Sunday 25 February 22:00 - 23:08Flagey - Studio 1
OV sub FR NL EN | Tickets
Saturday 2 March 20:00 - 21:08Flagey - Studio 1
OV sub FR NL EN | Tickets

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