23 February - 03 March 2024
Beurk !
Smpl productions/CINE-LITTE Productions

Beurk !
International short films for a young audience

If the idea of spending the holidays with your grandma makes your skin crawl; if you think children have the right to have cool parents, to act silly and to play all the time; if swim class at school isn’t your thing; or if you think that kisses are a bit yucky – then you’re going to love this programme and you’re in for a few laughs!

FR sub EN | 6+

Screening on Wednesday, February 28th in the presence of Dina Velikovskaya. 

Screening on Saturday, March 2nd in the presence of Matteo Salanave Piazza. 

Total duration : 46 mn

Wednesday 28 February 13:45 - 14:31Marni
FR sub EN | Tickets 
Saturday 2 March 16:30 - 17:16Flagey - Studio 4
FR sub EN | Tickets

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