23 February - 03 March 2024
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Artificial Intelligence: State of the Art


© Gilles Moins

This round-table discussion co-organized with ABRACA on the controversial subject of artificial intelligence (AI), will explore both the creative opportunities and undeniable threats that AI presents for the future of the creative professions and copyright. What stance should we take and what concrete measures should we implement?

• Bartel Bruneel (Concept & Storyboard Artist, ABRACA)
• Tanguy Roosen (Head of Legal Department of SACD)
• Virgilio Vasconcelos (Research Unit Inter-Actions, LUCA School of Arts)
• Mouna Ferré (Gaming Industry Creative Pioneer)
• NIX - Marnix Verduyn (Comic Book Artist, Scriptwriter, Animator, PhD Creative AI)
• Olivier Maeterlinck (Head of Communication & Cultural Affairs of SABAM)
• Lauri Saunders (Director & Storyboard Artist, ABRACA)

Allie Weis (Ethics Coordinator in International Game Development at Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment)

Language • English

In collaboration with the Association Belge Regroupant les Auteur·ice·s Créateur·ice·s de l’Animation (ABRACA), SACD, Sabam for Culture

Wed 28 February10:30 - 12:00 Flagey - Studio 1
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