23 February - 03 March 2024
Monsieur Pimpant

Making of Belgian Shorts


Miyu Distribution / Animal Tank / Zorobabel

What could be better than a Making Of? Four Making Ofs! Take a look behind the scenes of the production of four new short films selected for the national competition, each with its own distinct world and multiple techniques: The Miracle, The Choolers: Fish & Meat, Wild Tale and What's Inside That Crate?

• Nienke Deutz (The Miracle)
• Monsieur Pimpant (The Choolers: Fish & Meat)
• Aline Quertain (Wild Tale)
• Bram Algoed (What's Inside That Crate?)

Stéphanie Coerten

Language • English

Wed 28 February14:30 - 16:00 Flagey - Studio 1
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