23 February - 03 March 2024
The Inventor
Curiosity Studio

Léo, la fabuleuse histoire de Léonard de Vinci

The Inventor

Feature films for a young audience

United States, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

2023 / 97’ / 7+

The Inventor
Curiosity Studio


Welcome to the Renaissance! A time in which artists, scientists, kings and queens are inventing a new world. Among them, an odd character who spends his days drawing strange machines and exploring the wildest ideas, fuelled by dreams of changing the world. Embark on a journey with the greatest genius of all time: Leonardo da Vinci!

Screening on Friday, March 1st in the presence of Marijke Van Kets.

Mon 26 February16:30 - 18:02 Flagey - Studio 4
FR | Tickets
Fri 1 March15:00 - 16:32 Flagey - Studio 5
FR | Tickets
DirectionJim CAPOBIANCO and Pierre-Luc GRANJON
ProductionFoliascope and CURIOSITY STUDIO
SalesMk2 Films
DistributorMk2 Films

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